New Christmas Cookie Cutters and Designs

Written by Mike Tamplin • Oct 28, 2017

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New Christmas Cookie Cutters and Designs
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I’m excited to announce a fun collection of Christmas cookie cutters hitting the shop today. The designs are my take on traditional Christmas characters that I think will put anyone in the Christmas spirit!

These Christmas cutter designs are now available for purchase from my shop. However, over the next few days, I plan on doing a tutorial of a few of these cookie designs in detail. So be on the lookout for those upcoming posts.

Below is a quick summary of the new Christmas cookie cutter designs, as well as a few ideas on how to package them.

New Christmas Cookie Cutters

Added to the shop are eight new cookie cutter designs!

When I asked on social media what Christmas designs people wanted to see this year, there was an overwhelming number of requests for full-body characters. So I did my best to accommodate. Available in my shop, you can find Santa, his Mrs. Claus, a Christmas elf, and a snowman.

Christmas character cookie cutters

If these full-body designs are too detailed for your taste, I'm offering simple, quicker-to-decorate, options of just their heads, as well.

Christmas character heads cookie cutters

The head designs are offered in a number of sizes like Large, Regular, and mini. The full-body designs are only offered in one size, but I'll offer other options if there are requests for them.

Decorated Christmas Cookies

On to the fun and most important part, the decorated cookies!

Christmas character cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

My goal for these Christmas character cookies was to not only make them festive and lovable, but to make sure they were each a sturdy shape overall. I wanted to help ensure these cookies would make it if they were shipped to friends and family as gifts.

Christmas character head cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

For reference, the head cookies above are in the REGULAR size. However, the LARGE sizes will best fit in these 4"x4" gift boxes.

Cookie Packaging Ideas

When it came to packaging, I tried to be a bit strategic with cookie sizing. Each of the full-body character cookies can fit in either a single 4"x4" gift box, or as a duo pair in these 7"x4.25" gift boxes.

Christmas cookies in gift boxes

These cookies also pair well with this icon plaque cookie cutter if you'd like to add a whimsy, personalized message to the gift set. Here are a few ideas I tried out.

Santa cookie gift box set
snowman cookie gift box set

Editable Gift Tags

Lastly, as a bonus alternative, I'm working with my brother at OwlHouse.Co to come up with coordinating gift tags that would look great with these cookies. These tags will be instant downloads that you can print at home. One awesome feature is these tags are also editable. You can modify the text to add a personalized message or name!

Here's a preview of one design for the snowman, but we are working on the other tags over the next week. Stop by my brother's shop to checkout his latest designs.

snowman cookie box set with gift tag.

I'm working hard to getting out all the pending orders, while readying the template tutorials for these cookies. Check back later on this blog to see how I decorate Mrs. Claus and the snowman!

Happy Holidays!

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