How to Make Christmas Coal Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin • Dec 10, 2022

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How to Make Christmas Coal Cookies
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If you're looking for an easy Christmas activity for kids, with the novelty of being a little naughty, you have to give these Christmas coal cookies a try! It's a humorous gift to give, mistake-proof to make, and will warm the hearts and tastebuds of grinches around the holidays.

Lump of Coal Cookie Cutter

To make these cookies, you can use any random shape cutter, even a circle cookie cutter would do just fine. We do have this lump of coal cookie cutter in the shop.

For this tutorial, I used the lump of coal cutter in the MINI size.

lump of coal cookie cutter

For the cookies themselves, I used my peppermint mocha cookie recipe. I just left out the peppermint bits this time. I also used black cocoa powder in the recipe so the cookies were as dark as Oreos. It made these cookie look more coal-like.

Christmas coal cookie cutouts

Here is where the magic happens. Begin by crumbling up a piece of parchment paper that is larger than the cookies you plan to use.

crumble paper for coal cookies

Then flood the tops of the cookies with black royal icing. I used medium consistency icing.

icing for Christmas coal cookies

Quickly add the piece of crumbled parchment on top of the wet icing.

parchment paper on top of coal cookie

Repeat these steps for the remaining cookies and allow them to fully dry overnight.

group of Christmas coal cookies drying

You will know when it's ready to remove the parchment paper when the paper pulls easily from the icing. You're then left with a coal cookie with amazing texture!

texture of christmas cookie cookie

Here's the final result!

christmas coal cookies | Semi Sweet Designs

To package these Christmas coal cookies, I found these black resealable bags on Amazon. They were perfect accessories to place these Kringle's Coal Co stickers on. These stickers really bring the whole novelty gift all together!

Kringle's coal co sticker tag | Semi Sweet Designs

Not all Christmas cookies require precision and skill. These Christmas coal cookies are perfect for beginners, or anyone wanting a quick and easy cookie idea that will make any Christmas Scrooge smile.

@semisweetmike Learn how to make these Christmas coal cookies with just a little royal icing and a piece of parchment paper! For the recipes and details of the process, everything is posted on my blog. #coalcookies #lumpofcoalcookies #christmascookies #easychristmascookies #royalicingcookies ♬ original sound - Mike from Semi Sweet Designs

We also have plenty of other cookie cutters and ideas that you can use to set up an amazing holiday display in your home.

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