Father's Day Cookies- Vintage Gas Pumps Tutorial

Written by Mike Tamplin • Jun 06, 2014

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Father's Day Cookies- Vintage Gas Pumps Tutorial
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By now, you might know that I have a great appreciation for anything vintage or retro, as evident by my old-fashion telephone cookies, retro back-to-school cookies, vintage vacation cookies, and vintage letter cookies. (By the look at that list, maybe what I have is more of an obsession than an appreciation.) Can you blame me? There's just something timeless about the classic look of how charming things were back in the day.

That being said, "timeless" and "classic" seemed like great themes for the upcoming Father's Day holiday. I figured why not do (yet another) vintage set that I think most dads would appreciate-- Father's Day cookies with an old-fashioned automobile twist. Just to give you an idea, here's a tutorial for making vintage gas pump cookies included in the set.

Preparing the Dough

The vintage gas pump cookies are made by using the boy cookie cutter from KarensCookies.net. Simply trim off the feet portion before baking and you have the basic gas pump shape.

Decorating Process

Step 1

Sketch the Basic Shape

To help with the icing process, sketch out the basic shape first with a food marker. Drawing perfect circles can be tricky, so use a small circle cutter as a guide for the top area.

Step 2

Fill the background

Next, fill the tiny neck area with gray 20-second royal icing. Also, with off-white 20-second icing, pipe and fill a rectangle in the middle of the main pump area. Give the icing time to dry and crust over.

Once the gray and white icing had time to set, outline over your sketched lines with red (or your color of choice) piping icing, then fill with flood icing. Let the icing dry completely before moving on.  

Step 3

Add Gray and Colored Details

After the base icing had time to dry completely it's time to add the details. First add the gray accents by outlining a border around the white rectangle, adding a side crank handle, piping a line across the top, and adding a gray box detail in the middle.

Next, add the top, inner circle with off-white 20-second icing. Also, add the gas pump handle and bottom accents with colored icing.

Step 4

Add Black Details

Lastly, add the black gas hose with black piping icing and a #2 tip. For the fine black details, I used my trusty Rainbow Dust food pen. Make sure to used the food pen only after the icing is completely dry and hardened.

I'm horrible writing letters freehand. So for the word, "GAS", I printed out the word in Britannica Bold font and used my Kopykake projector to guide me.

Below are a few finished gas pump cookies. As you can see, I had a little fun trying out different colors.

Vintage gas pumps father's day cookies

To accompany these gas pumps, I made a few old-timey, Model-T inspired automobiles. Just like my previous beach chair post, I also used the Sugarbelle bus cutter (which is quickly becoming my favorite go-to cutter) for these cars.

vintage car father's day cookies

And finally, to really seal the deal of these Father's Day cookies, I added a Father's Day pun on a plaque cookie with the phrase...

vintage car father's day cookies

For more vintage, automobile-themed inspiration for cookies, check out these:

vintage car father's day cookies

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