Cookie Cuties and Royal Icing Lapel Pins

Written by Mike Tamplin • Apr 28, 2017

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Cookie Cuties and Royal Icing Lapel Pins
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I want to take a small break from cookie decorating tutorials to announce some fun, new merchandise just added to the shop. After such a positive and popular response to the debut of our Baking Buddies lapel pins, I'm excited to offer more brand new pin designs!

My brother and I are so thankful for your support and enthusiasm for the custom merchandise we've been experimenting with.  We really enjoy coming up with whimsical ways for bakers to show off their pride of baking. Our previous set of Baking Buddies lapel pins was a huge hit with the general baking community. However, with this go-around, we really wanted to cater to the cookie decorators out there. Or, as I like to refer to them, "my people."

Cookie Cutie Lapel Pins

This Cookie cutie couple showcases the two most common shapes I've seen of decorated cookies-- a heart and a round circle.

cookie cutie lapel pins

Like the Baking Buddies before them, this cookie pair are packaged on custom designed back boards created by my brother. I'm always blown away by how he can listen to idea I have and just take it to the next level.

Unlike the Baking Buddies, we decided to change up the material finish. This new round of pins are finished with high-polish gold enamel. It was difficult to capture the shine on the pins as the light hits them. Hopefully, you can visualize the shimmery gold finish in the images below.

cookie cutie lapel pins
cookie cutie lapel pins

Royal Icing Lapel Pins

We had a lot of fun designing this Royal Icing lapel pin.

royal icing lapel pin

Playing on the word "royal," we thought it would be cute to have a dollop of icing with a crown on its head. Also, it seemed fitting to add the catch phrase, "Making cookies RULE!" Because let's be honest, it's the icing that transforms cookies into impressive works of art.

royal icing lapel pin
cookie and royal icing lapel pins

All three pin designs are available in the shop. If you would like to see more pin designs, or if you have an idea for other types of merchandise you'd like to see customized for cookie decorators, we would love to hear your thoughts! It's been a pleasure designing outside the realm of sugar cookies. We really hope to produce more merchandise items in the future.

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