New Valentine's Day Cookie Cutters and Designs

Written by Mike Tamplin • Jan 07, 2018

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New Valentine's Day Cookie Cutters and Designs
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Can you believe another major cookie holiday is already upon us?? I've barely had time to recover from the Christmas rush, but I'm excited to show you what I have available now for Valentine's Day!  

I'm going to try to make this post relatively short. Here's a quick overview of all the new Valentine's Day cookie cutter designs just added to the shop. Like I've done with previous holidays, over the next few weeks I'll be posting detailed tutorials of most of these new designs. But for now, here's brief summary of what's in store!

Templates for Valentine's Day Cookie Cutters

Each of these new Valentine's Day cookie designs has a template file you can download to help guide you through the decorating process.

Click the link below for the coordinating cookie design template PDF file.

Decorated Valentine's Day Cookie Ideas

Floral Wreath Platter

Floral Wreath Cookie Platter by

This floral wreath platter cookie cutter set includes two separate pieces: a large floral bunch and a center circle cookie cutter. You can purchase both cookie cutters together, or a single piece without the circle cutter.

When arranged as a large floral wreath, as shown in the example picture, the platter measures 12 inches in diameter.

Cupid Cookies

Cupid Cookies by

When I asked for suggestions for possible Valentine's Day cookie ideas on Facebook a while ago, cupid cookies was a popular request. I came up with two versions: a full- body cupid, and a "simpler" cupid-on-heart version.

Both the full-body and the heart cupid cookie versions will fit inside a single favor 4"x4" gift box.

Bread Cookies

Bread and butter Valentine cookies by

This bread cookie cutter can be decorated in a number of ways. Often times you'll see it decorated for sets like "You're the peanut butter to my jelly!" (Sugarbelle has a cute example of that you have to see.)

I opted for a bread and butter theme, with the pun "You make my life butter!" I'll show you how I made this design in an upcoming tutorial.

The bread cookie cutter is available in a few sizes, but the LARGE size will fit perfectly inside a single favor 4"x4" gift box.

Valentine Cactus Cookies

Valentine Cactus Cookies by

This cactus cookie cutter is probably my favorite. The cutter is designed to have its arms close to the body to prevent possible breakage when handling.

I had the cactus holding a heart, but you could easily switch it to a taco for a fun fiesta themed set.

This cactus cookie will fit inside a single favor 4"x4" gift box.

Jelly Jar Cookies

This jelly jar (or jam jar, depending on how you like to call it) was a last minute addition to this collection. I thought the bread cookie cutter could use a companion so I throw this one in, as well.

As I was decorating these jars, I was inspired to get creative and try a few random Valentine's Day designs for this cutter. You can check them out below.

jelly jar cookies by

I’m working hard to getting out all the pending orders, while readying the template tutorials for these cookies. Check back later on this blog to see how I decorate these Valentine's Day cookies in detail.

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