New Halloween Cookie Cutters and Designs

Written by Mike Tamplin • Aug 11, 2017

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New Halloween Cookie Cutters and Designs
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I'm really excited to showcase the new Halloween cookie cutter designs for this year!

I know it's only mid-August, and it might seem too early to think about Halloween, especially in the middle of this summer heat. However, with any of the major cookie holidays, I wanted provide Halloween cookie cutter designs in the shop early to beat the rush. Hopefully, this will also help give ample time to start planning your own Halloween cookie options for the upcoming season.

Over the next couple of weeks, I still plan on releasing new decorating tutorials as Halloween approaches. But in the meantime, I’m excited to show you all the new Halloween cookies and cutters below! There's a lot of pictures in this long post. So sit tight and enjoy the show!

Halloween Cookie Cutters

Just added to the shop are seven new Halloween cookie cutters!

2017 halloween cookie cutter collection

Each cookie cutter comes in array of different sizes. Most of the decorated cookies shown below are a size LARGE, unless otherwise noted. The cookie dimensions were set based on ideal sizes for packaging, which I’ll go into detail below.

Gift Packaging for Halloween Cookies

These Halloween cookies were designed to be given as a single cookie favor, or mixed-and-matched in easy gift sets.

  • For a single cookie favor, I love these 4"x 4" gift boxes from The LARGE size of most of the Halloween cookie cutter options will fit perfectly in these single gift boxes.
  • For 3-cookie gift sets, these 7" x 4.25" gift boxes from BRP Boxshop are my go-to boxes for small gifts.
  • For these gift set ideas, I worked along side my brother at OwlHouseCo to come up with awesome coordinating gift tags. The Halloween tags are available for instant download via his Etsy shop.

Decorated Halloween Cookies

Haunted House Cookies

First up is a haunted house design. Traditional haunted house cookies can be a little on the detailed side to decorate. With this design, I tried to minimize the amount of work required to decorate these cookies. I used a simple outline to add the defining features while supplying personality through the window details.

haunted house cookies

Fat Ghost Cookies

These chubby ghouls are big-boned on purpose. The extra room on the belly allows you to add a customized message design of your own.

fat ghost cookies variations

(Fonts Used: Brilliant, Lolly Script, Witches Magic)

In the picture below, you can see how a single LARGE ghost cookie can be packaged in the 4"x 4" gift boxes I mentioned above.

ghost cookie in a gift box

The "Hey Boo" ghost gift tag by OwlHouseCo adds an extra special touch.

Thin Ghost Cookie Gift Set

These thin ghosts are the smaller companions of the fat ghost cookies above. This smaller version is perfect for creating a 3-ghost gift set.

This design allows the ghosts to hold anything you would like to place between their hands. For a few fun ideas, I had them hold the letters "B-O-O".

boo ghost cookie set

For a more adult-friendly theme, I had the ghosts holding martini glasses getting ready for a good time. Also, here are a couple of gift tag options that should be a hit at any Halloween party!

drinking ghost cookie set

(Note: The drinking ghost puns are meant for humor purposes only. Needless to say, please drink responsibly.)

Candy Corn Cookie Gift Set

I have a few more gift set ideas for this Halloween, one being a candy corn theme. The center group of candy corn cookie is new. However, the banner is an existing cookie cutter I debuted in last fall with this fall set.  

candy corn cookie gift set

You can get pretty creative with the banner slogans. I went with the traditional "Trick-or-Treat" phrase for one example.

But for my fellow Parks and Recs fans, "Treat Yo' Self" was a funny line that came to mind. It works seamlessly with any Halloween candy theme.

(Fonts Used: Witches Magic)

Basic Witch Cookie Gift Set

This last gift set idea was to poke a little fun at pumpkin spice latte lovers, myself included. The term "basic" is a playful dig at anyone interested in things that are mainstream, popular, or trending. Drinking PSLs, wearing Ugg boats, and watching reruns of Friends are just a few basic example qualities.

This video is a funny rundown on what it means to be Basic. (Alternatively, here's the Basic Bro version, too.)

basic witch cookie sets

Another caption option that works is "Witch's Brew". Perfect for any coffee lover.

The Basic Witch design is also available as a single favor option. Add this coordinating OwlHouseCo gift tag to complete the set!

basic witch cookie gift

Pumpkin with Leaf Cookies

The remaining Halloween cookie cutter option I have left is a simple pumpkin design. It's chubby enough to add a personalized name or jack o'lantern face. The leaf accent adds a bit of flair to an otherwise plain pumpkin cookie.

This pumpkin is similar in design to the apple cookie cutter I released a few weeks ago.

decorated pumpkin cookies

The LARGE option also was made to fit perfectly in the 4"x 4" gift boxes.

decorated pumpkin cookie in a box

Well that's it from me!

In the next few days, I’ll post all the design templates for these Halloween cookies. The links to those templates will be on the corresponding cookie cutter page in the shop. Over the next few weeks, I will also be readying decorating tutorials for a few of these designs as well.

I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their summer and looking forward to fall! I sure am!

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