2018 Halloween Cookie Cutters and Designs

Written by Mike Tamplin • Aug 02, 2018

2018 Halloween Cookie Cutters and Designs
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Can you believe it's August already?!

As parents are readying their little ones for back to school, I'm readying my latest collection of Halloween cookie cutters. Halloween will be here before you know it, so here's an early look at what is available in the shop this season.

Halloween Cookie Cutters and Stencils

Just added to the shop are seven new Halloween cookie cutters AND two new coordinating stencils!

2018 Halloween cookie cutter collection

Looking to help make cookie decorating a little easier and a little faster, I'm starting to incorporate the use of custom stencils with these cookie cutter designs. If this idea of stencils is well received, I'll do my best to continue the trend into the upcoming holiday seasons.

halloween cookie stencils

Templates for New Halloween Cookie Designs

Each of these new Halloween cookie designs has a template file you can download to help guide you through the decorating process.

Click the link below for the downloadable template PDF file.

This file is four pages long and is rather large in data size. Just a warning, it might take a moment before the file opens in your browser.

Decorated Halloween Cookies

Halloween Word Set

First up in the collection is this Halloween Word set. I split up the word "Hal-low-een" into 3 separate cookies and incorporated a fun graphic in the middle of each.

For 3-cookie gift sets, these 7″ x 4 3/8″ gift boxes from BRP Boxshop are my go-to boxes. These boxes are the ones shown below.

Halloween Word set cookie gift box

Ghoul Plaque

This ghoul plaque is a fairly simple design to decorate. The main body is wide and adequately leaves enough room for any fun messaging. I decorated this cookie shape as a grim reaper, but decorating it as a traditional, white-sheet, ghost will also work perfectly.

ghoul plaque cookies

Vampire Mansion Set

This vampire-themed set uses two new cookie cutter designs and one old one.

This vampire design was created so there wasn't a lot of body details to decorate. Most of his body is hidden behind his cape! The cute bat design attaches his big ears to his wings to create an overall, sturdy cookie shape.

The mansion windows use this previously released arch set cookie cutter.

vampire cookie set by SemiSweetDesigns.com

Speaking of the window cookies, I airbrushed the bat design using this bat magic stencil in my shop. For added punch, I sprayed a little Jewel Dust over the stencil, giving these windows some sparkle when the light hits them just right.

I'll go into detail how I airbrushed the stencil and used the Jewel Dusts in an upcoming post.

mansion window cookies

Witch Cauldron Set

Similar to the vampire set above, here's a set depicting a whimsy witch's lair.

This set consists of a witch behind her cauldron, a cat hiding under a witch's hat, and a hocus pocus cauldron plaque.

Witch cauldron cat cookies

This set also incorporates a coordinating Hocus Pocus stencil. It was made to fit perfectly on the cauldron cookie, but it can easily be used on any plaque cookie cutter you might already have.

hocus pocus cookie cauldron

Well that’s sums up the Halloween designs for this year! If time permits, I hope to fit in a few general fall related designs before the winter holiday rush.

In the next few days, I’ll post all the design templates for these Halloween cookies and update this post with a link to the template file. Over the next few weeks, I will also be readying decorating tutorials for a few of these designs as well.

I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their summer and looking forward to a magical fall!

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