How to Make a Rustic Snowflake Cookie Platter

Written by Mike Tamplin • Oct 24, 2017

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How to Make a Rustic Snowflake Cookie Platter
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While I’m loving the fall festivities currently going on, my mind is on the looming craziness of the Christmas season. To better prepare for my shop's busiest time of the year, I wanted to release my Christmas cookie cutter options early. Hopefully, this will help you pre-plan your own Christmas cookie options, while helping me maintain my own sanity.

The first design available in my shop is this snowflake platter cookie cutter set!

I know how hectic the holiday season can be with all the social party gatherings. I wanted to come up with a cookie option that is great for parties, yet is also a breeze to put together. I believe this snowflake cookie platter does just that.

Seriously, these cookie cutter shapes do most of the heavy lifting. Just flood the cookies, add a center message design, and serve.

Snowflake Cooke Platter Cutters

This snowflake platter cookie cutter set includes three separate pieces: a large snowflake branch, a mini snowflake branch, and a center circle. You can purchase all three cookie cutters together, or as a 2-piece set without the circle cutter.

When arranged as a large snowflake, as shown in the pictures of this post, the platter measures 12 inches in diameter.

Decorating Process

This snowflake cookie platter can be decorated in a number of different ways. At the time, I was feeling more of a rustic vibe, so I went with a wood grain look. Feel free to decorate these cookies in however way you feel inspired to!

To decorate these cookies you will need the following suggested colors:

Step 1

Begin by outlining and filling each snowflake cookie piece with white icing. Set the pieces aside to dry completely (about 4 hours).

snowflake cookie platter step 1

Step 2

To add a little punch to these white cookies, I applied a simple visual texture to all the pieces. I found this Tim Holtz Stencil at Michaels and thought it was perfect for the rustic look I was going for.

The stencil itself is usually long, but my new Stencil Snap by Sweet Sugarbelle handled it with no issue! What's great about the Stencil Snap is it's large enough to airbrush multiple cookies at once. It's a total time saver when creating these multi-piece cookie platters.

snowflake cookie platter step 2

Step 3

Place and secure the stencil in the Stencil Snap.

Begin airbrushing the cookies with the pearl sheen mixture. (I mixed 1 part Americolor Silver Sheen with 4 parts Pearl Sheen.)

snowflake cookie platter step 3

The finished airbrushed cookies should have a nice subtle wood grain appearance to them.

snowflake cookie platter step 4

Step 4

For a final touch, add a holiday message to the center cookie. For those interested, I used the Birmingham Elongated font, which I thought was both Christmas-y and rustic.

Platter Packaging Ideas

Packaging a platter can be a little cumbersome, especially if you plan to mass-produce a few for clients, family, and friends. Here’s one idea I had that was cost effective, easy to transport, and offers a decent presentation for this snowflake cookie platter.

I placed the platter arrangement on a 12″ pizza pan I got from the dollar store. All the pieces fit in the pan perfectly, while the pan’s edge locked and prevented the base layer from shifting around too much.

After the snowflake cookie platter is arranged in the pan, I place the entire thing in a cellphane bag meant for gift baskets. The one I used was 14″x24″ in size. You can trim off the excess length or fold the excess under the platter.

For even more cost-effective options, you can find these large gift basket bags at Papermart or Gifts International for super cheap. (I think 10 cents each for a pack of 100.)

An alternative package idea would be placing the cookie platter on a 12″ cake board, and transporting it in a 12″ pizza box. Whatever option you choose, I’m sure your customers will love it!

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