How to Make Halloween Witch Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin • Aug 31, 2015

How to Make Halloween Witch Cookies
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Hocus pocus! You know, if I had magical powers I would make it autumn already. The long days of summer have been great, but I say bring on the cooler temps!

I'm most excited about the fall jacket weather. Not because it's cozier to have layered options, but functionally, jackets mean extra pockets. Over the past few months, finding a place to house my keys, wallet, phone, and sunglasses while on the go sure has been a struggle. Hello pocket real estate.

My obsession with ample pockets aside, fall is also an exciting time to make cookies. With Halloween just around the corner, I made these Halloween witch cookies.

Preparing The Dough

To make these Halloween witch cookies, all you will need is this Comfort Grip Santa cutter by Wilton. It's a great general shape for any hat-wearing face you can draw up.

For the cookie dough, can use any favorite roll out cookie recipe, or you can use my favorite by clicking here.

The Decorating Process

I provided a witch face template to help guide you during the decorating process.

You can download the Halloween witch cookie template HERE.

If you have a Kopykake or Pico projector, just print it out (or pull it up on your mobile device) and you are good to go. For those without a projector, follow the suggested steps below by tracing the design onto the cookie with an edible food marker.

Step 1: Trace Hat Onto Cookie

For those without a projector, I suggest you begin by tracing the outline of the top portion of the witch's hat. This will give you a reference of where to pipe the icing on the next step. For the template, I used plastic template material, but sturdy card stock would work, as well.

Step 2: Fill Brim Area

With purple royal icing, outline and then fill the brim area around the hat. Use the marker lines as a guide. Let the icing set (about 15 minutes).

Step 3: Fill Face and Remaining Hat Areas

Next, fill the band around the hat with black royal icing and the U-shaped face area with green icing. After the black icing sets, fill the remaining top of the hat section with purple icing.

Step 4: Add Hair Strands

With orange icing, pipe a middle strand of hair on each side of the face and leave them to set for 15 minutes. Piping the hair in sections like this will give the hair dimension. Once the middle strands have set, fill in the remaining sections on each side of the strands. I added little curls over the sides of the face for a girly 'do.

Step 5: Add Nose and Hat Buckle

With the same green icing, add a spear-shaped nose in the middle of the face, as shown below. Next, with yellow icing, add a square buckle over the black band of the hat.

Step 6: Add Facial Details

The final step is to add all the facial details and finishing touches. With black icing and a #1 tip, add the witch's eyes and smile. With white icing, add a goofy tooth sticking up from her grin. With green icing, add a cute wart on her nose.

Lastly, to polish off the cookie, add outline details around the purple hat with a #1.5 tip.

Like I did with my previous post, I added a video to this tutorial so you could see the decorating in action. I forgot to film the final hat outline but you should get the idea on how to progress through the steps I described above.

To accompany the Halloween witch cookies, I also included cauldron cookies complete the witch-themed set. These cookies were made using the hot air balloon cutter from Whisked Away Cutters.

I was going for a magic, "Hocus Pocus" look for the cauldron design. However, I may have chosen a font that's a bit difficult to read on the "smoke" detail. Next time, I might choose more of a block letter font over this script one.

One last thing. To show how very versatile the Wilton Santa cutter can be, I made jack-o-lantern cookies with the extra cookies I had on hand. They are in a similar style as the witch cookies, I just tweaked the design for a pumpkin-faced jack-o-latern. The possibilities are quite endless.

I included all three designs-- the witch, the cauldron, and the jack-o-lantern-- in the downloadable template.

For more fun Halloween cookie ideas, please check out these links:

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