How to Make a Star Cookie Platter

Written by Mike Tamplin • Jun 05, 2021

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How to Make a Star Cookie Platter
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When it comes to making treats for the 4th of July, I like to keep things simple. Summer is a time to unwind and enjoy the lazy days with your family. This new star platter design reflects that mentality.

Based on a redesign of an old cookie I made years ago, this segmented star platter is so easy to put together. All that is involved is flooding icing on cookies and stenciling a few details on top. It's super simple to make, yet would certainly impress your friends and family at your next 4th of July get-together.

I'll show you how below.

Segmented Star Platter Cookie Cutter

Added to the shop is this new segmented star platter cookie cutter.

segmented star platter cookie cutter | Semi Sweet Designs

This segmented star platter consists of 10 individual cookie pieces. To assemble the star shape, you must flip the cookie cutouts over on 5 of the pieces.

When arranged as a large star, as shown in the example picture, the platter measures less than 12 inches in diameter.

The Decorating Process

To decorate this Patriotic Star Cookie Platter, you will need the following suggested colors:

Step 1

After baking each star cookie piece, some of the cookies may have spread or their edges may have rounded. To ensure the pieces fit properly and closely together on a platter, I like to immediately move and press the triangle cookies in place while the cookies are hot out of the oven.

You can see below that the pieces didn't perfectly meet in the middle. However, that shouldn't matter in the end. I will use another cookie on top to cover the gaps.

Alternatively, you could use a microplane grater. This tool will help straighten the edges back up again if the triangles warped a little after baking.

star cookie platter after baking

Step 2

Once you're happy with how the cookies fit together, begin by outlining and flooding all the cookie pieces with red, white and navy royal icing. You will need 3 navy pieces, 4 red pieces, and 3 white pieces.

Let the icing set up and dry completely.

segmented star cookie platter step 2

Step 3

Once the navy blue pieces are completely dry, it's time to add the star details. I used this straight star stencil in my shop, along with the Stencil Genie.

To add the stars, I went with swiping royal icing over the stencil. (You could airbrush the white details instead, if you prefer.)

Start with piping consistency white icing. (It will be kind of like pudding.) Cover the cookie shape with icing using a small spatula. Then with a flat scrapper, remove the excess. Try to leave behind a thin, even layer of white icing.

stencils white stars into cookies

Step 4

Finally, arrange the pieces in a flag formation. I added a center message cookie using this 4th of July cookie cutter and stencil from my shop.

segmented star cookie platter | Semi Sweet Designs

Video Tutorial

The steps above are demonstrated in the time-lapsed video below.

I love platters that are simple designs, yet create a huge impact.

If you're new to cookie decorating, or you've never worked with royal icing before but would like to start, this is a great design option for you. The stencils I used for this platter do all the heavy lifting. There's no complicated piping required.

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