Airbrushed Patriotic Bunting Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin • Jun 27, 2014

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Airbrushed Patriotic Bunting Cookies
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Looking for a unique cookie idea that doesn't require a ton of time to decorate? Then I have just the one for you, and it's perfect for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend. These patriotic bunting cookies use only 3 colors and require only a single icing consistency.

The wow factor for these bunting cookies comes when you apply an airbrushed star burst pattern to create a visual fold effect on the flat cookie surface. It's easy and sure to impress your friends.

The stencil I used was the Little Miss Sunshine stencil from the Salsa Stencils Facebook shop. If you would like to purchase one for yourself, just message Nicole via her Salsa Stencils page to order one. Don't forget to check out her other stencils options to add incredible, yet easy, airbrushed backgrounds to cookies.

Stencil Update!

The original stencil is no longer available. However, I created a new and improved one! This starburst stencil is practically identical to the original but attaches in the middle, which greatly prevents airbrush under spray. You can order the starburst stencil by visiting my shop here.

Now on to the patriotic bunting cookies...

Preparing the Dough

To make the shape of these cookies, take any circle cookie cutter and cut it equally in half with a knife. The specific circle cutter I used was from this Betty Crocker cutter set and was about 4-inches in diameter.  

After cutting the circles in half, bake them, and then you're ready to decorate. Easy, for realsy.

Patriotic Bunting cookies preparing the dough

The Decorating Process

The key to icing these patriotic bunting cookies is to work fast. You'll see why in a minute. You will need medium consistency icing (about 12-second icing) of each patriotic color: red, white, and blue.

Step 1

Starting from the bottom rounded edge and working your way up, pipe a wavy band of red icing. Follow immediately with wavy bands of white, then blue, then white, and finish off with red again.

Patriotic bunting cookies step 1

Step 2

After the cookie is iced completely, shake the cookie on the counter surface back and forth. This should smooth out all the icing colors together and create a level surface on the cookie. A level surface is important when you are ready to airbrush a cookie. It minimizes the underspray and greatly increases your chances of a clean airbrushed stencil image.

Leave the cookie to dry completely before moving on to the next step. I like to place the wet cookies in front of a heated fan for a few minutes to prevent color bleed and to speed up the drying time.

Patriotic bunting cookies step 2

Step 3

After the cookie is dry, it's time to airbrush. Because I was only using half the stencil, and the middle of the stencil is a little flimsy, I secured the middle "rays" with a little painter's tape to hold it together.

I like to hold down the star burst stencil with magnets as demonstrated by this Sugarbelle post. Magnets pretty much ensure I get clean airbrushed results most of the time.

For the spray color, I used Amerimist Silver Metallic Pearl Sheen airbrush color with my airbrush machine. If you don't own an airbrush machine, this Wilton Silver Color Mist in a can might also get the job done.

airbrushing bunting affect on cookies

Below are the finished results. These patriotic bunting cookies were easy to make, quick to decorate, and festive for the upcoming holiday.  

Airbrushed Patriotic Bunting Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

For another easy Fourth of July cookie idea, check out these patriotic barn stars I made last year.

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