How to Stencil on Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin • Aug 14, 2018

How to Stencil on Cookies
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Stenciling on cookies is an easy way to add instant flair to a cookie in the quickest amount of time.

For today's post, I wanted to take a quick moment to go over a few techniques on how exactly I like to apply stencil designs on cookies.

Using stencils is pretty intuitive, so I'll keep this blog post short. I just wanted to share a few tips I learned along the way. Additionally, because it's probably easier to show than to tell you in words, I made two quick videos of the two methods I use most often. I summarized the two techniques below.

Airbrushing with Stencils on Cookies

mansion window cookies

I remember when I first got my airbrush machine it was left unopened in the box for months. I was so intimidated by it, but I shouldn't have been! Airbrushing is surprising forgiving if you follow the steps below.

Items Used

Airbrushing Tips

  1. Low and Slow
  2. I get nice results if I have the airbrush machine on its lowest setting and I hover the gun about 2 inches above the cookie.
  3. Keep the Gun Pointed Perpendicular
  4. To avoid getting any underspray (spray under the edges of the stencil), position the gun nozzle at a right angle to the cookie.  Keeping it upright should get you sharp, clean lines of color.
  5. Use Multiple Thin Coats
  6. It's better to apply many LIGHT, even coats of airbrush color rather than a heavy single coat.

Airbrushing with Cookie Stencils Video

Using Royal Icing with Stencils on Cookies

hocus pocus cookie cauldron

Applying a thin layer of royal icing over a stencil can give a cookie dimension and texture. I like to use this method if I want the stencil pattern to  be the focus and stand out from the rest of the cookie.

Items Used

Royal Icing Tips

  1. Thick Consistency is Key
  2. For a clean image, the royal icing has to be thicker than piping consistency. I like to compare it to buttercream consistency.
  3. Use a Wide Scraper
  4. I found I get a nice, even layer of icing across the stencil design if my plastic scraper is the as wide as the design. I would get streak lines if I used a narrow scraper.
  5. Vertical Lift Off
  6. For the best results, try to lift the stencil off the cookie straight up. An angled lift off could damage the design.

Stenciling with Royal Icing Video

Well I think that should cover it. I really hope this helps in some way. If I forgot and left off any other important tips I'll be sure to update this post and add them to the list.

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