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Seattle Seahawks Cookies- Tips on Icing Sports Logos

Written by Mike Tamplin • Jan 26, 2014

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Seattle Seahawks Cookies- Tips on Icing Sports Logos
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I'm not a huge football fan, but there is no escaping the excitement when your home team is having a great season. And what a season it was. Now the Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl!

If you're making cookies for the big game, most likely you've gotten requests for the teams' logos. Here's how I would "tackle" them with and without the help of a Kopykake.

Biased Home Team Note!

For this example, I only made Seattle Seahawks cookies. However, the same techniques can be used for the Denver Broncos logo, as well.

Preparing the Dough

I don't have a Seattle Seahawks cookie cutter so I had to hand-cut the shapes out of the dough. I found a logo from a Google search and made a template on clear template plastic. I placed it on the dough and cut around the template with a parrying knife.

Seattle Seahawks cookies

For future reference, my friend Sharon of Truly Mad Plastics makes incredibly unique cookie cutters. Her store has both the Seahawks and the Broncos logo cutters. Plus, TMP can make just about any shape you request. Definitely check them out.

Decorating Sports Logos WITH a Kopykake

The Seahawks logo has a lot of intricate white areas in the design. I found it easiest to decorate the cookie by first outling and flooding the entire cookie with white royal icing. Leave this to dry for a few hours or overnight.

Seattle Seahawks Cookies

Once the white layer is completely dry, pop the design in your Kopykake and get to icing. The process is very straight forward. I like to outline the sections first then flood the middle areas. That's all there's to it!

Seattle Seahawks cookies with a Kopykake

Decorating Sports Logos WITHOUT a Kopykake

If you don't happen to have a Kopykake, no worries. It can still be done. For instance, one of my very first decorated cookies were these Arizona Cardinal cookies. They were made way before I even heard of a Kopykake projector.

For these Seattle Seahawks cookies, I utilized the easiness of royal icing transfers.

However, to use royal icing transfers of this large scale, you have to first make sure the surface you are applying them on is relatively flat or they will crack.

seattle seahawks cookies tutorial

Normally, flooding a cookie using my traditional method would create a puffy, round surface. For these royal icing transfers I applied a thin, white base with an offset spatula, which gave me a flatter surface to work with.

As the white base cookies were left to dry, I worked on the royal icing transfers. I used the same transfer method as my Easy Fall Leaf Cupcake Toppers.

Seattle Seahawks Cookies

I printed out a bunch of the logo designs on sheets of paper and place them in sheet protectors (a lovely tip I learned from Jennifer at Not Your Momma’s Cookie). If you don’t have sheet protectors, taping a sheet of wax paper over the template will work just as well. (Lisa at The Bearfoot Baker shows the perfect setup for using wax paper.)

Outline over the logo lines using piping consistency royal icing. Then flood the middle sections with flood icing. Use a toothpick or scribe tool to guide the icing into all the tight spots of the design. Put these sheets aside on a flat surface to dry completely.

After the royal icing transfers are completely dry, gently peel them off the sheet protector. Apply a small amount of royal icing to the back of the transfer and place them appropriately on the white base cookies.

Seattle Seahawks cookies

After the royal icing transfers are placed on the cookies, fill the eye sections with electric green 20-second icing. Ta-dah! You're done.

Seattle Seahawks cookies

An Alternative Seattle Seahawks Cookie Design WITHOUT a Kopykake

If you are in no mood to hand-cut the dough shapes and are looking for a simpler design to show your support for the Seahawks, try this square design.

Simpler Seattle Seahawks cookies

It is of a close up view of the Seahawk's eye. Just use a square cookie cutter and follow the same royal icing transfer steps from above.

Seattle Seahawks cookies

Comparing the cookies from each methods, you can see how both produce very similar results.

Seattle Seahawks cookies

Do you notice how shiny the Kopykake cookie is compared to the other? That's entirely due to me placing the cookie in front of a heated fan to speed up the dry time. I forgot to do the same with the royal icing transfer sheets. Otherwise, those would be shiny, too.

Seattle Seahawks cookies

Owning a Kopykake is such a nice convenience. However, don't fret if you don't have one. There's always a way around it.

Seattle Seahawks Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

For more helpful hints on decorating sport logo cookies without a Kopykake, check out Sugarbelle's Texas Ranger Cookies. She uses the scratch method to help transfer the design onto cookies.

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