How to Make Nacho Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin • Jul 07, 2019

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How to Make Nacho Cookies
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Besides tacos, nacho cookies have to be one of my top favorite puns. That’s why I figured it would be the perfect design as teacher gifts for back-to-school.

In addition to being a cute and funny play on words, these nacho cookies are pretty simple to make. They just require just a few decorating steps to complete. Below, I’ll show you how.

Nacho Cookie Cutter

Recently added to the shop is this new nacho cookie cutter design.

This cookie cutter comes in a number of different sizes. However, for this tutorial, I’ll be decorating the LARGE-sized cookie.

Template for the Nacho Cookies

To help with the decorating process, I made a PDF template of all the designs of my 2019 Back-to-School cookie collection, including this nacho cookie design.

Click the link below for the downloadable template PDF file.

This file is 2 pages long and is rather large in data size. Just a warning, it might take a moment before the file opens in your browser.

If you have a Kopykake or Pico projector, just print it out (or pull it up on your mobile device) and you are good to go. For those without a projector, follow the suggested steps below by tracing the design onto the cookie with an edible food marker.

The Decorating Process

For these nacho cookies, you will need the following suggested colors:

  • Tortilla Chip Yellow royal icing. (I mixed Americolor Gold and Egg Yellow, with a touch of Orange.)
  • Darker Yellow flood icing. (I mixed a little Americolor Warm Brown to the yellow above.)
  • Lighter Yellow flood icing. (I mixed a little spoonful of the tortilla chip yellow icing above with a cup of white icing.)
  • Nacho Cheese Yellow flood icing. (I mixed Americolor Egg Yellow with a touch of Orange.)
  • Jalapeño Dark Green icing. (I used Americolor Mint.)
  • Lighter Green icing. (I mixed a little spoonful of the dark green icing above with a cup of white icing.)
  • Black piping icing (I used Americolor Super Black.)

Step 1

Begin by filling the yellow tortilla chip area. Immediately add the freckle dot details with the darker and lighter yellow icing. Shake the cookie smooth. Let this icing set for 10 minutes, then fill in the nacho cheese area.

Allow for this base icing to dry for about an hour.

Step 2

Once the base layer had time to dry, add the black eyes and one side of the mustache. Also, with the darker green icing, add the outer ring of the jalapeño.

Allow that icing to set, then add the other side of the mustache, the eyebrows, and inner details of the jalapeño, as shown.

Video Tutorial

The steps above are demonstrated in the time-lapsed video below.

Here’s the finished nacho cookies along side a message plaque cookie. (I used this icon plaque cookie cutter.)

For the upcoming season, I wrote “Nacho Average Teacher,” but this could easily be changed to “Mom”, “Dad”, or even “Valentine” for other occasions around the year.

For a gift set idea, these two cookies would fit nicely as a boxed set. Just a reminder, this is the LARGE nacho cookie size. The box shown is a 5 3/8″ x 7 1/2” box from

(On the ClearBags website, use the discount code “SEMISWEET10” to get 10% off your total purchase!)

To complete the presentation, we’re now offering coordinating gift tags for all the new back-to-school designs. You can find the tag above as well as other tag options in the shop.

This “Nacho Average Teacher” printable is available as a bag topper or as a circle tag. The PDF file also includes both a male and female version design to customize to each student’s teacher.

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