Dog Chocolate Chip Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin • Jan 19, 2012

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Dog Chocolate Chip Cookies
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For the last two days, the Northwest has been hit hard with snow storms.  I have been stranded at home in Seattle due to icy road conditions and I’m getting a little stir-crazy!  I’m not complaining too much, though.  With my time in isolation I was able to clean all of the house, do all my laundry, and finish this batch of cookies.

Remember the chocolate chip cookie dough I mentioned before?  I used it for this batch and the results were fantastic!

I was a little concerned at first because I had difficulty cutting out custom shapes while carving around the chocolate chips, but I managed.  Also, the cookies seemed to crack on me and I was worried they were too fragile to decorate.  Fortunately, after leaving them out overnight the cookies hardened enough to handle and I was able to work with them.

Now, you might say, “Cute dogs cookies! Who are they?”   Well let me introduce you…

This is my dog, Indy.  He’s a rat terrier mix found wandering the streets of Indiana (hence his name). He was just skin and bones when I rescued him.

He has since filled out nicely and is so cute that I just want to eat him up!  AND now I literally can!  I think his ears are his best feature and I tend to bite into them first.

This is my brother’s dog (or “nephew” as I like to say), Toby.  He has the most expressive eyebrows and I love his purple nose.

He’s the most kind, playful pit bull I know and I felt he should be on a cookie, too.

These dog cookies were the most challenging batch of cookies to decorate yet. I had wanted to do an animal theme for quite some time but wasn’t sure of what.  When I came up with the idea to do the family dogs I wanted the cookies to really resemble them.  I made sure to be patient with the details as I was decorating and I’m very pleased on how they came out.

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