Ampersand Cookie Cutter and Template

Written by Mike Tamplin • Dec 18, 2015

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Ampersand Cookie Cutter and Template
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The ampersand seems to be everywhere. Gaining popularity amongst typographers and designers, I totally understand its appeal. The ampersand is like the cool conjunction cousin to the loud exclamation mark and nagging question mark. This symbol has a beautiful style that can stand on its own. Because of this, I felt a representative ampersand cookie cutter was in order.

Ampersand Cookie Cutter Design

A typical ampersand in Georgia font.

Ampersands come in many shapes and styles. However, most ampersands typically have a thin middle section connecting a small top loop and a larger bottom loop, with tail ends that protrude out to the right side. In the application of cookie decorating, these features would leave the cookie vulnerable to breaking if shipping or handling.  

To beef up the sturdiness, I designed an ampersand cookie cutter shape that reduces those vulnerabilities. I made the middle connection area wider, as well as kept the tail extremities close to the main body of the design as possible. I also made the top and bottom loops heftier in size for easier decorating. Overall this cookie cutter design should be pretty solid.

The ampersand cookie cutter is available in two sizes: Regular and Small. To purchase, you can find all the details here in my shop.

ampersand cookie cutter

Template for Decorating Ampersand Cookies

To help with the decorating process I provided a downloadable template.

You can download the ampersand cookie template HERE.

If you have a Kopykake or Pico projector, just print it out (or pull it up on your mobile device) and you are good to go. For those without a projector, follow the suggested steps below by cutting out the template and tracing the design onto the cookie with an edible food marker or with a scribe tool.

Decorating Process

There are endless ways to decorate this ampersand cookie. Here are just a few example ideas. Feel free to find inspiration to create your own desire look for this guy.

Painted Background

Similar to the technique I used with the pine wreath cookie platter, painting the surface of the cookie is a quick way to add a colored background. It also adds nice dimension to the finished cookie.

Step 1

First, apply a thin layer of white royal icing to the cookie with a food-only paintbrush. After letting it dry, take a scribe tool and etch the ampersand design onto the cookie surface. (The scribe tool is recommended over a food marker in this case because it eliminates the chance of color showing from the marker.)

scribe tool

Step 2

Next, with piping consistency icing in the color of your choice, pipe an outline over the etched guidelines. Then fill the middle with flood consistency icing.


Text Overlay

You can get really creative by adding text on top, using the ampersand as a background. It's a great way to personalize the cookie. To do this you'll need to make a flat surface for the text to rest on.

Step 1

Begin by tracing the design onto the cookie with an edible food marker.


Step 2

Next, with medium consistency icing in the color of your choice, pipe an outline over the marker guidelines. Then fill the middle with the same icing.


Step 3

Quickly fill the empty space with white medium consistency icing. Use a scribe tool to carefully move the icing into the tight spots. Leave the cookie to dry completely.


Step 4

Lastly, add your desired text on top to complete the look.


Chalkboard Art

Finally, because I love the look of chalkboard art, I'll leave you with this last example.

An alternative to flooding with multiple colors is to just flood the entire cookie in black, then add white details. I painted the white outline with Americolor white food coloring. This gives the cookies a chalkboard-drawn effect that I've been obsessed with lately.

chalkboard ampersand cookie cutter

Merry Christmas, everyone! I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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