2019 Back-to-School Cookie Cutters and Designs

Written by Mike Tamplin • Jun 30, 2019

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2019 Back-to-School Cookie Cutters and Designs
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July is usually a time for enjoying the lazy days of summer– eating outdoors, swimming at the lake, watching summer movie blockbusters, etc.

But around here, we’re readying the shop for the busy fall holiday season. No complaints from us though! We are excited to show you what we have planned, starting with these fun back-to-school designs and puns.

Back-to-School Cookie Cutters

Just added to the shop are ten new back-to-school cookie cutters!

For this season’s collection of back-to-school cookie cutters, I mostly focused on minis with two options for puns that can be used year-round. Each of these new designs are available in various sizes.

Templates for New Back-to-School Cookie Designs

Each of these new Back-to-School cookie designs has a template file you can download to help guide you through the decorating process.

Click the link below for the downloadable template PDF file.

Decorated Back-to-School Cookies

School Mini Sets

I’ve been on such a mini cookie kick lately. There’s something about their small size that amps up the adorable factor. Because I couldn’t control myself, I decide on doing two different design sets of minis instead of just one.

(These cookies are also available in larger, regular sizes as well.)

First up is this School Class mini set. The idea for this set was to represent different school class subjects. Included in this bunch is a school globe, an apple on a book, a paint palette, and a science beaker.

Next up is this Student Pack mini set. The theme I went with for this one was a kid’s first day gear. The designs include a backpack, an alarm clock, a lunch bag, and a paper airplane.

The size of these minis are as close to 2″x 2″ in shape that the design allows. I used 3″x11″ heal-sealed sleeve bags from Papermart. I could fit 4 cookies to a bag.

For the eye details, I love these black sugar pearls available in my shop. They are the perfect size for mini cookie eyes and the black color doesn’t bleed into the wet icing.

Nacho Cookies

Heading back to school isn’t complete without a few cookie puns for the occasion. And these are “nacho” average cookies!

These nacho cookies are a tortilla chip design dripping with nacho cheese and topped with a jalapeño accent. I paired it with the icon plaque in our shop with the phrase “Nacho Average Teacher”.

Besides being a teacher gift, this cookie cutter would also be great year-round for those “nacho average” moms, dads, valentines, etc.

Coffee To-Go Cup Cookies

A coffee to-go cup cookie isn’t a new idea, but I always wanted to do a version for the shop. I thought back-to-school would be a perfect time to debut one. Teachers need coffee, right?

I paired it with the same icon plaque and thought “Teacher Fuel” was appropriate.

In the next few days, I will be readying decorating tutorials for a few of these designs. I’m also working on coordinating printable tags to go with these designs, as well.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and has a safe Independence Day!

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