How to Make Nutcracker Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin • Nov 10, 2019

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How to Make Nutcracker Cookies
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Nutcracker cookies have always been on my "to do" list, but I often feared they were too intricate or too detailed to decorate. However, I think I created a new nutcracker cookie cutter design that helps remove some of that fear.

These nutcracker cookies are just of the bust area (from the shoulders up) instead of a full body design. With only the head and shoulders, it gives the sense of a full-bodied nutcracker only with half the work.

Additionally, I also opted for a friendlier-looking nutcracker by not showing any teeth or gums, like you would typically see on a real one. Those teeth on those figures are just fuel for nightmares. And I scare easily.

Here's how I made friendlier, less-intimidating, nutcracker cookies.

Nutcracker Cookie Cutter

Recently added to the shop is this new Nutcracker cookie cutter design.

Template for the Nutcracker Cookies

To help with the decorating process, I made a PDF template of all the designs of my 2019 Christmas cookie collection, including this Nutcracker cookie design.

Click the link below for the downloadable template PDF file.

This file is 3 pages long and is rather large in data size. Just a warning, it might take a moment before the file opens in your browser.

If you have a Kopykake or Pico projector, just print it out (or pull it up on your mobile device) and you are good to go. For those without a projector, follow the suggested steps below by tracing the design onto the cookie with an edible food marker.

The Decorating Process

For these Nutcracker Cookies, feel free to color them as you wish. For the specific colors I used, I listed them below:

Step 1

For those without a projector, begin by making a guideline for where the face and arms sections should be. I made a template with template plastic from the PDF file above and used a food marker to draw the guideline on the cookie.

Step 2

Start by first filling in the face with flesh-colored icing and the arms with pink icing. Let this icing set. (about 15 minutes)

Then fill the hat area with black icing and the chest area with pink icing, as shown. Let this icing dry for about 1-2 hours.

Step 3

Next, with white icing, fill in the hair sections and add a beard. Also add a white dot on the hat, as shown.

Then, with gold icing, add the brim of the hat and shoulder pads.

Step 4

Once the previous icings had time to dry, add the eyebrows and one side of the mustache with white icing. Also, add the feather to the top of the dot on the hat with pink icing.

Let that icing set again, then add the wet-on-wet eyes and the other side of the mustache.

Step 5

Lastly, add the finishing touches like the nose and outlining the hair and beard areas, as shown.

Video Tutorial

The steps above are summarized in the time-lapsed video below.

For gift box ideas, I thought a trio of these nutcracker cookies would look perfect together.

Here's a set of three cookies in a box from BRP Box Shop.

The dimensions of the box above is 12" x 5" x 1.5". It holds 3 regular-sized cookies with plenty of wiggle room for the cellophane bags around them.

I made these nutcracker cookies into 3 different colors. However if you wanted to go an even simpler route, I think three nutcrackers of the same color scheme would still look great. Like a little army in a box!

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