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The promos for the upcoming, final season of Breaking Bad have gotten me really excited! If you have never watched this TV show, I think it would be worth your while to check out.

For those Breaking Bad virgins out there, here is the show’s premise: Walter White is a cancer-stricken Chemistry teacher whose personal journey leads him to become a meth kingpin. As the show’s seasons progressed, it has been great watching Walt develop from this seemingly good guy into a darker, killer version of his old self. The storyline is so unpredictable, leaving you guessing what Walt is really capable of.

In anticipation of the final season’s premiere I made Breaking Bad cookies. I made three types of Walt cookies. First, Walt in just a shirt and tighty-whiteys from Season 1 is one of my favorite scenes, I had to include it in this batch. The second cookie is the lab outfit that he and his sidekick, Jesse, wear when “cooking” meth. Lastly, I made a cookie of Walt’s secret identity, Heisenberg.

To go with the Walt cookies, I made a few accessories from the show. I made a few cookies to look like little baggies of Walt’s crystal meth recipe, “Blue Ice.” I used sugar sprinkles to get the crystal-rock look.

I also made the burnt, pink teddy bear featured in Season 2. Each week, that season continued to tease us with images of that teddy bear throughout its run. I tried to replicate this charred bear in cookie form. I finally got to use my new food-coloring airbrush kit (that I randomly won back in April). I airbrushed the black color onto the bear to get that burnt look.

Lastly, I made the green and white element blocks that you see in the title graphics.

I had a few other show ideas for cookie designs that I really wanted to try but I ran out of cookie dough. Oh well, this batch used so many colors I figured I needed to settle with the designs I had.

Last season’s finale ended with such a bang (Spoiler Alert: literally!) I can’t wait to see how the new season picks up.  Breaking Bad premieres Sunday, July 15th on AMC.

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